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Economic Update

MARKET UPDATE MARKET AND ECONOMIC OVERVIEW Australia  The RBA’s July interest rate decision was complicated by the recent strength of the Australian dollar, largely driven by a weaker US currency. The RBA noted that: “the higher exchange rate is expected to contribute to subdued price pressures in the economy. It is also weighing on […]


Millions but not all to benefit from 2017 super changes

Millions but not all to benefit from 2017 super changes With changes to super now in effect, numerous Australians will get a leg up, many being low-income earners. According to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA), more than four million Australians will benefit from the super changes that came into effect on 1 […]


Don’t be driven by short term Sentiment and Emotion

Don’t be driven by short-term sentiment and emotion Arguably, the most common fear holding an investor back from achieving a great return is a misunderstanding of what happens when markets fall (as they invariably do). In order to use fear to our advantage, we would be well served to seek to understand the following three […]


Super Savings for your First Home

Super savings for your first home Let’s face it, getting your foot on the first rung of the property ladder is not only hard, for an increasing number of younger Australians, it’s downright impossible. As housing prices, particularly in capital cities, continue to outstrip wages growth, even saving for a deposit to buy a house […]


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