sailingThere’s a common misconception that investing is only for the wealthy. In reality, most of us have some kind of investments whether it be in the form of superannuation, property or shares.  

Different types of investments have varying levels of risk and return, and as such it’s important to ensure that the investments you hold are suitably structured to your circumstances, likely needs in the future, and what we call your “tolerance to risk.”

This is particularly important as you approach retirement age, as the way in which your assets and investments are structured will have different financial implications when you decide to leave the workforce and may also affect your eligibility for government entitlements including the Age Pension.

At Retire on Track, we specialise in pre-retirement planning and understand the complexity of government legislation and other important considerations that may affect your financial position in the lead up to and long after you retire.

We’ll examine your current financial situation and future requirements and provide you with advice and recommendations that are designed to help you get the best outcome from your income, assets and investments.

We can also help you to establish structures that will provide you with a source of retirement income after you decide to leave the workforce.

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