“We first met Matt approximately 6 years ago when he was working at nab financial planning. We were thinking about our retirement and had some concerns as to whether we would have enough money to retire. From the beginning we felt very comfortable with Matt. He is genuine, trustworthy and sets realistic and achievable expectations.

We had worked hard all our lives and wanted to capitalise on our hard work. Whilst we were in a good financial position, we desperately needed to put in place a plan so that we could achieve our goals and live a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. In addition, Ken wanted to reduce the number of hours he was working which would also impact our income and financial position.

With all this in mind Matt put together a realistic retirement plan and has assisted us to execute it over the past 6 years. I am pleased to say that Matt has delivered on the expectations he set at the beginning and we have achieved all of our goals and more.  Thanks to Matt we can look forward to a happy and stress free retirement. We have no trouble recommending Matt to our friends and family.”

June and Ken Coulson